Dan The Fish Man

If you’re new to fish cuisine I've got some serious delights in store for you. Periodically, I’ll be adding some of my favourite fish and seafood recipes to this page. They're all simple to prepare and perfect for a special occasion or for feeding a hungry family. And, very important, you don't have to be a professional chef to make them - there's nothing mysterious about cooking a delicious fish dish.


So roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a glass of wine, and try my recipes out! I'd love to hear what you think of them, too. Some come along and visit me at one of my weekly market stalls. And keep visiting this website!



I highly rate the flavour of Red Mullet. While trying to lose weight, I have been enjoying fish simply prepared and served on salad, and this is a treat I look forward to. I think it has an exceptional flavour and firm texture, and doesn't need over-elaborate sauces. Over recent years we have seen more of this fish being landed by our local boats and their size is increasing. It used to be only a summer fish coming up from the warmer waters. This might be one positive benefit for us from global warming (!)

When shopping try to choose bright eyed fish that haven't lost their bright red/orange colour. This will ensure that they are fresh.The colour fades in the ultraviolet light when they are out of the water.


Red Mullet fillets- 2 or more per person
Olive oil or “fry light” oil
Salt and black pepper for seasoning Organic salad leaves
Small cherry tomatoes
Low calorie vinaigrette dressing


First pre-heat an empty oven proof dish (I use a cast iron skillet) in a hot 220 oC oven.
Brush dish with olive oil or “fry light” oil. Place fillets skin side up and brush the fillets with a little olive oil and roast for about 6 minutes. They do not need a lot of cooking.

Cut the tomatoes in half and arrange on the salad leaves, pour a little of the salad dressing over it.  Place the hot fillets on top of the salad. Season with salt and pepper and serve. It’s as simple as that!

Wine suggestion - if you are allowed - a chilled glass of Chablis goes well with this dish.

Phone me to find out what's been landed today by our local fishermen and to check availability. Tel 07970 932 566