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Seafood Week 2018, 5 -12 October

Now in it’s 4th year, Seafood Week 2018 is set to be even bigger.

If you’re looking for tasty recipes and new ideas, Seafood Week is the perfect opportunity to learn about how you can create inventive seafood dishes in your home, and gain cooking tips and recipe inspiration.

I’m proud to be part of this important event.  I've been filming with the BBC in Tavistock, furthering my mission to showcase the very best in Devon fish and seafoods.

Come along to the Farmers’ Market in Tavistock this Saturday (13 of October). I’ll be there at my stall, offering free tastings of delicious fish dishes. And I’ll be delighted to chat about recipes for you and your family, and show you what’s on offer. I hope to see you there!

Coast to coast success!


My mission to spread the excellence of West Country fish and seafoods is going coast to coast all over Devon! I’m thoroughly delighted. It may be making my working days longer, but it’s well worth it, as I’m meeting so many enthusiastic new friends.

The 2018 Plymouth Seafood Festival was hugely successful. It’s underlined my belief that the ‘fish fight’ is working. People are definitely seeking out locally sourced fish and seafood because it is so special. I was surprised and gratified, not only at the sheer numbers of Devon people who spoke to me enthusiastically at my stall, but at the number of visitors from overseas who were just as keen. Plymouth has become a truly cosmopolitan ocean city.

So much of the success, of course, is down to our Devon fishermen, and I’d like to thank them for all their hard work in delivering such wonderful catches for us to enjoy. The delicious fruits of the sea around our Devon coasts are gradually gaining the reputation they deserve!

I'm now back to my normal weekly routine, so I look forward to seeing you at my regular markets. The next major event is in Barnstaple, the North Devon Foodfest, which is being held on Sunday 21 October in the pannier market. I hope to see you there!


No Wet Fish Wednesday this week, I’ll be sailing to Lundy

I’m afraid you won’t find me at my regular Wet Fish Day in Appledore this Wednesday the 15th of August.

But I won’t be putting my feet up, I’ll be on the MS Oldenburg sailing to Lundy to cook up a storm.

I’ve mustered a doughty fish crew team, and we’ll be cooking my new dish Lobster Royale on the afterdeck for a special photoshoot. The recipe was inspired by some fabulous cuisine I discovered during my travels in the Mediteranean.

Then, when we dock at Lundy, I’ll be down on the beach with my team cooking up seafood. What a wonderful open air kitchen that will be surrounded by seabirds and seals! And there’ll be an operator on hand guiding a drone overhead taking some film of us at work. Cutting edge, and a new experience for me! I still have problems working my mobile. And I’m delighted to be promoting Lundy lamb, an island speciality, and a treat not to be missed. Do try it, it’s delicious.

Thank you Lundy for your support.

Then it’s back to Wet Fish Wednesdays on the 22nd. Once again my apologies to my Appledore customers and friends. I hope to see you there.

Off to the Med at last!

Well, at last we’re off for our holiday in France. Is this the best summer ever? With this endless heat wave I might just as well sit out in my Clovelly garden. But we all need a proper break, and I’m feeling worn out working dawn to dusk, travelling back and forth from markets all over Devon – as well as attending weekend food festivals.

So, the French Med beckons, and I’m really looking forward to a peaceful break snoozing on a beach and recharging my batteries. But I won’t be flat out on a sun bed the whole time. France always inspires me, and I’ll be out and about on the lookout for new fish and seafood recipes to share with my regular customers and friends when I get back on 8 August.

It’s been a great year for me so far. I’ve been working much harder, casting my net further, which means extending the distances I travel every week. But it’s been well worth it, as I’ve met some wonderful new people who are as keen on fish and seafood as I am. Which makes all the hard work and early morning starts worthwhile. And I’d like to thank them all, as well as my regulars customers, for their continuing support.

Hope to see you all soon. The fish fight goes on!

Delicious Spider Crab dish

Just look at this. It's a dish created by one of my customers at Dulverton Farmers' Market using some of my spider crab claws. Doesn't it look yummy!


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