Dan The Fish Man

Dan on a fresh start for our local fishermen

These are exciting times for Bideford Bay fishermen – and all of us who love eating fish. The new £3.6 million Appledore fish dock has just opened for business.

Our boats can now unload their catches and have them processed on-site. This eco-friendly dock gives our local fishing industry a welcome shot in the arm. Now we can be more competitive and secure existing jobs.

And, remember, our boats have adoped a responsible fishing scheme and are environmentally friendly, helping protect scarce fish stocks.

It’s great news for North Devon, and as someone with fishing in my blood, I’m delighted. I’m proud of what our local fishermen achieve in safeguarding the future of fish around our shores. And another benefit, sourcing and selling fish locally is helping to reduce "fish" miles!

So don’t forget, every cod or skate you buy at my stall is helping to keep our local fishing boats at sea – and a fisherman in work.

Thinking local is vital to North Devon. We all know it’s a great place to live, and we must keep it a great place to work. So steer clear of the supermarkets and their food-miles crazy fish and think local.

Supporting our responsible, hard-working fishermen.

Contact Dan on 07970 932 566 or email dan@clovellyfish.co.uk