Dan The Fish Man

No Wet Fish Wednesday this week, I’ll be sailing to Lundy

I’m afraid you won’t find me at my regular Wet Fish Day in Appledore this Wednesday the 15th of August.

But I won’t be putting my feet up, I’ll be on the MS Oldenburg sailing to Lundy to cook up a storm.

I’ve mustered a doughty fish crew team, and we’ll be cooking my new dish Lobster Royale on the afterdeck for a special photoshoot. The recipe was inspired by some fabulous cuisine I discovered during my travels in the Mediteranean.

Then, when we dock at Lundy, I’ll be down on the beach with my team cooking up seafood. What a wonderful open air kitchen that will be surrounded by seabirds and seals! And there’ll be an operator on hand guiding a drone overhead taking some film of us at work. Cutting edge, and a new experience for me! I still have problems working my mobile. And I’m delighted to be promoting Lundy lamb, an island speciality, and a treat not to be missed. Do try it, it’s delicious.

Thank you Lundy for your support.

Then it’s back to Wet Fish Wednesdays on the 22nd. Once again my apologies to my Appledore customers and friends. I hope to see you there.